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After threats against her life, Anita Sarkeesian canceled an upcoming talk at Utah State University. Gamergate trolls are celebrating on Twitter while simultaneously dismissing the threats as nothing. Does this read like nothing to you?

“I will write my manifesto in her spilled blood, and you will all bear witness to what feminist lies and poison have done to the men of America.”

The email’s author threatened to murder feminist women indiscriminately in a mass shooting. And because carrying guns on campus outweigh the right of students and guests to be safe, Anita Sarkeesian canceled her talk.



The bullies won this time. And if you think this shit isn’t dangerous, I’m fresh out of fucks to give and I’m not restocking any time soon. It’s goddamn wrong to to dismiss this by claiming the author isn’t serious. Elliot Rodger’s rantings were dismissed until it was too late.

This. Is. Not. OK.

guns… literally more important than the lives of women in the state of loveable mormons

This is so fucking scary. Does a woman have to die before these threats are taken seriously? 

When I read these threats, the first thing that popped into my mind was “Marc Lepine”. 

anddd I just finished reading a few articles, and I am completely SHOCKED to find that the author of the threats actually references the Montreal Massacre. 

I just can’t even with this. Reblogging again for commentary.

Its not the university’s fault. As it is a state university, it has to abide by state laws which include concealed carry weapons.

To claim that the Uni didn’t take the threat seriously is false. They contacted local and state police. The FBI cybercrimes division and the FBI Behavioral Analysis unit in addition to securing the venue far in advance, having more officers than normal, having plains clothes police officers at the event and prohibiting the entry of large bags and backpacks.

Their only other choice was to cancel the event themselves. Asking for pat downs and metal detectors wasn’t an option for the university.


sci-fi episodes i want:

  • ship’s computer crashes due to virus acquired during a porn download from a lower decks ensign
  • firmware update was pushed out to the fleet, has vital error in the clock program that causes every computer to repeat 2300. translators have to explain to the…



My Little Pokemon - Trainers, Champions, and Rivals

by kilala97






This is one of those “I scrolled down hoping for an explanation” things

Dude went to a Magic: The Gathering tournament and saw a whole lot of ass hanging out and decided to have fun with it.

This dude is also banned from said tournament because this photoset got so popular and it was considered insulting to the players…….

A true martyr.

The look in his eyes is majestic.


The dude’s name is Sid Blair. His instagram is hilarious:

"I’m not good at those."
"Neither am I."
"Me neither…"

If an anime draws anime is it realism?



Who remembers the Berenstain Bears? Many people actually remember it as the Berenstein Bears. It’s part of the Mandela theory, or a term that someone is positive something happened although it didn’t. Many attribute these false memories as a glimpse into a parallel universe. (Source)

ok im aware that this was laughable content a while ago but im just now getting it. i saw this post on my dash last night and i lost it. i laughed so hard. im talking about that heaving, desperate kind of laugh. the transuniversal childrens furry franchise is here. 

What’s so funny? I’m so confused.


EGM #154
A review of King’s Field

Before Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, from software were still making really hard games.


EGM #154

A review of King’s Field

Before Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, from software were still making really hard games.



And Squidward has the newer generation on the same path.



Concentration of Maori population in NZ [640x796]CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!

Huh, I guess I assumed there’d be more Maori on the South Island.

Maori landed on the North Island first. That’s where most of their settlements were.



Concentration of Maori population in NZ [640x796]

Huh, I guess I assumed there’d be more Maori on the South Island.

Maori landed on the North Island first. That’s where most of their settlements were.



An 8-year-old African-American boy in Texas is struggling to recover after being shot in the face by a 46-year-old white man, but authorities have not been able to determine a motive.

Dallas police said that Donald Maiden Jr., who had just celebrated his 8th birthday on Sunday, was playing tag outside his apartment complex on Tuesday. According to his grandmother, Maiden ran inside to get some toys and was shot as came back outside.

Witnesses told police that 46-year-old Brian Cloninger had been seen waiving a handgun at people prior to the shooting, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Police reports said that Cloninger was seen standing beside his pickup truck as the boy was bleeding, and a witness asked him if he shot the boy.

“Yes I shot that kid,” Cloninger reportedly said.

Maiden’s mother, Latamarin Locklin, recalled the aftermath of the shooting to KTVT on Thursday.

“When he ran in I just screamed,” she said. “His mouth was just hanging off and it was just a big hole… I just threw him on the couch and laid him in my arms and put pressure on his mouth with the towel.”

Locklin couldn’t understand why anyone would shoot her child “out of the blue.”

Maiden was in critical but stable condition as of Thursday. He still needed a breathing tube and had a plate in his jaw. He he could wink and nod to communicate, but could not talk. The boy was expected to have more surgeries after swelling from the most-recent surgeries goes down.

Cloninger was charged with injury to a child, and was being held $2.2 million dollar bond.

Take notes “charged with injury to a child” rather than attempted murder.

You shoot someone in the face and you’d better be charged with attempted murder.

Unless you want a judge to toss the indictment, you can’t charge someone with murder unless they have the mens rea for it. There’s been no showing, even a year later, of what his intentions were.

But here’s an important fact:

"The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office has said that the charge Cloninger faces is a first-degree felony that has a tougher sentence — five to 99 years or life in prison — than an attempted murder charge, which is a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison."

Plus, come on, a bond that steep? It’s pretty clear they’re taking it seriously.